Employee Forms & Documents

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City of Hammond Policies & Procedures Manual

IT Policies & Procedures

Amendment of Civil Emergency Pay Policy

Holiday Pay for Civil Service Employees

Overtime to Exempt Employees During Declared Times of Emergency

Pay Plan for City Employees

Sick Leave and Use of FMLA

Sick Leave for Certain Police Civil Service Employees

Social Media Ordinance

Take Home Vehicle Ordinance

Hammond Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service

2018 Annual Enrollment Overview

Travel, regarding meal allowance



Employee Forms:

Employee Accident or Injury Report

Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Grievance Form

Leave Request Form

Payroll Deduction Change Form

Personnel Change Notice Form

Time Clock Missed Punch Form

Travel Request Form

Travel Expense Report

Attending Physician’s Form Non-Classified

Attending Physician’s Form Fire

Attending Physician’s Form Police

Civil Service Agenda Item Request Form

Take Home Vehicle Authorization & Acknowledgement Form

Written Record of Counseling

MAG Questionnaire



Supervisor Forms:

Disciplinary Action Report

Employee Change/Transfer Form

New Employee Orientation Checklist for Supervisors

Performance Appraisal Form

Promotion/Change/Transfer Form

Property Control Log

Supervisor Accident or Injury Report




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